About Zoosk
Zoosk is an online dating service available in 25 languages and in more than 80 countries, with over 40 million users worldwide. Zoosk was founded in California, 2007
The Challenge
User feedback revealed that many users were dissatisfied with suggested matches due to fraudulent activities, fake messages, and incomplete profile information. This led to a disappointing experience and lack of trust in the platform. The current profile info page only provided basic answers that didn't reflect users' personalities, preferences, or habits.

Our mission was to inspire our users to enhance their profile pages by providing additional information about their personalities, interests and preferred matches.
Research & Discovery
We have conducted a research among hundreds of existing and first time users. We gathered data through surveys, Ai eye tracking tools, user interviews, and market research to identify key pain points and opportunities for improvement.

1. During the onboarding process, our data analysis reveals a significant 43% drop in user engagement, specifically in relation to non-mandatory questions or fields, such as the optional photo upload feature.
2. Our app showed user interests that were outdated and still linked to their interests on Facebook.
3. Using nick names instead of real names created fraud feeling among users
4. Users with more then 1 photo, received better match results and considered more reliable
5. The User’s own profile page was hidden under settings and was difficult to access.

We realised that our first time user might feel disoriented with the current website experience as it is overwhelming and was lacking hierarchy and consistency.
Project Breakdown

In order to guide our users to enhance their profile, we chose to focus on 3 main areas: The user profile page, Enrolment Funnel, First time user experience.
1. Detailed User Profile Page
- Fresh look and feel
- Added profile preview option
- Added prompts users can use as ice breakers
- Added new interests section
- Encourage more photo uploads and adding photo guidelines

2. Enrolment funnel
- Improving the existing funnel questions, adding new ones and making them mandatory
- Users can no longer use nicknames, only their private names

3. First time user experience
- Guided and more friendly onboarding
- Adding more profile entry points
- The profile page is now the first screen users reach to after completing the funnel

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