NeuroNation is a brain training app that offers personalized programs designed to enhance cognitive abilities, memory, and critical thinking skills based on scientific research.
The Challenge
Increasing engagement in the NeuroNation app through the implementation of social features.
The problem lies in identifying how to effectively leverage social interactions and foster a sense of community within the app.

Ultimately, the goal is to motivate users to engage more frequently and consistently, leading to better cognitive training outcomes and overall user satisfaction.
The Solution
Creating a compelling social experience within the app that fosters a sense of community, promotes engagement, and motivates users to consistently interact with the app's content, leading to improved retention rates.
Working Process
Key insights
Competitor analysis:
•  Small and short challenges are successful: Selected daily challenge, daily reminders and push notifications
•  The hierarchy could be shown better on most of the platforms
•  Ui from gaming worlds
•  Most of the apps are designed to attract a broad range of individuals, including younger users seeking to enhance cognitive abilities, improve memory, and increase productivity.
These apps offer benefits that appeal to people of all ages, emphasising that their usage is not limited to older adults.
Current app pain points:
•  Confusing user interface
•  Lack of hierarchy
•  Lack of interactive features
•  A lot of information
•  Accessibility
Analysis & Ideation
1. User Engagement:
The current level of engagement within the app needs improvement. Users may not be actively participating or returning frequently to engage with the app's content and features. The solution should aim to increase user engagement and create a habit-forming experience.
2. Social Integration:
Integration of social features is essential to encourage users to interact with each other and build a sense of community. The solution should focus on identifying relevant social features that align with the app's core purpose and maximise user engagement.
3. Motivation and Gamification:
By incorporating social elements, it is crucial to explore ways to leverage motivation and gamification techniques to drive user engagement. The solution should consider how to effectively incentivise users to interact with the social features, rewarding them for their participation and fostering a competitive yet supportive environment.
4. User Experience and Accessibility:
Enhance the overall user experience by focusing on personalisation and carefully incorporating social features without overwhelming or distracting users. Also, we should ensure accessibility for users of different skill levels and preferences.​​​​​​​
Design: Key guidelines
1. Personalisation: Tailoring the app experience to individual users' preferences and needs.
2. Community Building: Creating a sense of community by enabling users to connect and interact.
3. Gamification and Rewards: Incorporating game-like elements and rewarding achievements.
4. Progress Tracking: Providing tools for users to track their progress and celebrate milestones.
I chose to apply those key design guidelines on 4 main areas in the app that have maximum potential. These are described in the following 4 flows:

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